Outlet Mall serving 
Nassau & Suffolk Counties, NY

Bellport Outlet Stores recently came under the ownership of Sunrise Station LLC. Seeing an opportunity at Bellport, the company has worked tirelessly to re-brand the outlets.

Shoppers from Long Island and New York City are frequent visitors, as Bellport is in the middle of Long Island, NY. In just a 60-mile radius, we have 14 million people available and ready to shop, making us an ideal location for retailers looking for more exposure.
Are you looking for premium outlets?

The outlet mall is 124,215 square feet, and more than 80 percent of the space is now occupied by quality retailers. So what makes us better than other shopping centers? We offer a little bit of something for everyone at affordable prices. You can save a large percentage on designer clothing, shoes and so much more. Easy parking is an added bonus! When you are looking for factory outlet stores, come visit Bellport Outlets today and see what a difference has been made in just a short amount of time.
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